Space Storm

RightEye Space Storm™ pits the user against asteroids, space creatures and even certain red aliens that the user should not look at, to protect one or more ships. Shoot the asteroids with your eyes to protect the ship. Space Storm trains speed, accuracy, and inhibition.

Each successful hit will award either 4, 7 or 10 points depending on how close to the center of the target the eyes landed. 



There are 6 levels to choose from, each increasing in target speed and quantity of targets.


You can select to measure eye movements from only the left eye, the right eye, or from both eyes.

# of Ships

You can select whether to protect 1 or 2 spaceships. If an asteroid or alien strike either ship, the game is over.


Distractors are red aliens and asteroids that users must avoid looking at. Looking at any of the red distractors will deduct points from the overall score.



Score (#): is based on accuracy of hitting the target with your eye and number of targets hit within the game time. Hitting the center of the target equals the highest score.