Simple Reaction Time


What is the test? The RightEye test contains a 2-dimensional central located target that changes from a picture of the solar system to an alien, where there is one stimuli and only one response.

What is the purpose of the test? This test measures reaction time beginning at the initiation of a “go” signal that is the presentation of the alien and ends at the initiation of the response.

Why is this important? It is important for patients that have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to see how quickly their brain and eyes can initially react .

This RightEye test ensures the test taker’s eye is already located in the correct target area (center of the screen) ensuring validity of the test results.

Life Example: An example of everyday use of simple reaction time would be running a race. Your behavior response is to begin running when you hear the sound of the gun.


Simple Reaction Time (ms): measures the difference between when the alien is shown and the user presses the button. This test requires the user’s eyes to be on the solar system in order for the alien to appear at random intervals. This is inclusive of visual reaction  speed and processing speed and (motor) reaction time.  Simple reaction time is then averaged over total number of trials.