DVA 2: Head Still, Object Moving


Test taker will recognize the direction of the letter C as it shoots across the screen. Wait for a C to shoot left to right across the screen at varying speeds. Press arrows up, down, left, right to indicate C direction as quickly as possible. Head should remain still at all times.

What is the test? In this RightEye test, the Landolt-C moves from left to right across the screen. Stimuli size is 20/100.

What is the purpose of the test? This test measures the speed and accuracy of your eye movement.

Why is this important? This type of DVA test is important for balance and climbing stairs. The elderly population are commonly affected with a “fear of falling”.

The RightEye DVA test shows a Landolt-C with a gap located in one of four positions with speed topping out at 53 mph. Logic with the tests ensures accuracy of the results, removing “guessing” or “luck”.

Life Example: An example of everyday use of DVA 2 is climbing stairs.


DVA2 refers to what speed you can accurately identify a moving target the size of 20/100 when your head remains still.

Speed (mph): measures the speed with which the user was able to accurately identify the stimuli in this test. Speed ranges from 0-82  miles per hour.

Reaction Time (ms): measures the difference between when the Landolt-C appears on the left of the screen  and when the user presses the button. This is inclusive of both visual reaction speed, processing speed and reaction time (button press). The measurement is then averaged over number of trials.