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Dynamic Vision

Subject line options:

  • 5 signs of a dynamic vision problem
  • This vision test could change your life

Email body: Some of life’s most basic activities rely on your eyes, eye muscles and brain working together: driving a car, reading a book, playing a sport and simply maintaining your balance. This is what’s known has dynamic or functional vision.

Signs that you may have a dynamic vision issue include:

  1. Difficulty concentrating
  2. Frequent headaches
  3. Short attention span
  4. Poor reading comprehension
  5. Poor coordination or balance

A non-invasive, 5-minute test could diagnose an underlying dynamic vision problem — and set you on a path that could truly change your quality of life.

Call our office today to schedule a RightEye Dynamic Vision test: [insert phone number]

Sports Vision

Subject line options:

  • Up your game today with this eye test
  • Pro players take this eye test – have you?

Email body: In sports, almost 80% of perceptual input is visual. But even 20/20 vision does not mean athletes are performing at their peak. Objects don’t just sit there. They move. Fast. Regular eye exams may reveal that you can see clearly, but they can’t tell how well you ascertain where a ball is in space, how fast it’s traveling or if it’s changing direction. Using a RightEye Sports Vision test, we can precisely measure the specific vision skills that affect your reflexes and hand-eye coordination, including:

  1. Eye speed
  2. Reaction time
  3. Visual concentration
  4. Processing speed
  5. Object tracking

In just 5 minutes, we can put you a path to upping your game. Call our office today to schedule your RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ test: [insert phone number].

Reading Skills

Subject line options:

  • This eye test could change your child’s life
  • Learning disability or vision issue?

Email body: One in four children has a vision problem that affects learning—a vision problem that is often misinterpreted as disinterest, sleepiness, dyslexia or ADHD. But thanks to breakthrough technology, we now have the ability to assess vision and brain health in ways not possible from standard eye tests. Using a non-invasive RightEye Reading Skills test, we can precisely measure and record your child’s eye movements in just minutes. You’ll receive the results in an easy-to-read chart, as well as customized treatments your child does at home.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment that could transform your child's life forever:[insert phone number]