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Mix and match images, videos and copy for an effective social media post you can use on any platform. Simply pair any text below with a corresponding image or video from our libraries. 


Post 1: Hey athletes. Measure vision skills that affect reflexes and hand-eye coordination. We'll show how your scores compare to the pros. Then we can put you on a vision exercise program to boost your game. Learn more at [website].
Post 2: For athletes, there is an objective sports vision test that is a game changer. Let us measure and compare your reaction time to the pros’. Learn more at [website].
Post 3: Athletes: Measure vision skills that affect reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Learn how: [Link to website].
Post 4: Your eyes can give you an edge on the competition. Give us 5 minutes to show you how. [Link to website].
Post 5: More than 3,000 pro athletes have used RightEye Sports Vision tests to beat the competition. Compare your reaction time to the pros’. [Link to website].
Post 6: Raise athletic potential and performance through proven eye-tracking technology. Let us show you how: [Link to website].
Post 1: One in four children has a vision problem that affects learning, often mistaken as disinterest, sleepiness or ADHD. In just minutes, our new FDA-cleared RightEye eye-tracking test exposes vision and brain health in ways not possible from standard eye exams. Learn more at [website].
Post 2: 50% of vision disorders go undiagnosed. Now there’s a proven non-invasive test to change that. Learn more at [website].
Post 3: RightEye Reading EyeQ tests objectively analyze 20 vision and reading skills that you don’t get from a regular eye exam. See what this means for your child: [website].
Post 4: Identify hidden vision issues with the FDA-cleared RightEye EyeQ test. It reveals how your child sees and where they can improve. Here’s how: [Link to website].
Post 5: Your child deserves more effective care through the RightEye Reading EyeQ report. It measures eye movements and identifies dysfunction that hinders learning.
Post 6: Vision disorders share symptoms with learning disabilities, such as low comprehension and short attention span. See how we measure the difference: [Link].
Dynamic Vision
Post 1: Headaches? Problems with coordination? Feeling “off”? Vision problems could be the culprit. Learn how functional vision issues could be affecting your life. See [website].
Post 2: Are your eyes 20/20, but you’re still having trouble seeing? The state-of-the-art RighEye eye-tracking test can uncover the real problem. It’s non-invasive. Takes just 5-minutes. And FDA cleared. [website].
Post 3: Simple activities like driving or walking require dynamic vision skills that an eye chart can’t measure alone. But now there’s a test that can. Learn more at [website].
Post 4: Life’s most basic activities require a complex range of dynamic vision skills that an eye chart cannot measure alone. This FDA-cleared test can help. [Link to website].
Post 5: Difficulty concentrating may be a sign of a vision problem. The 5-minute RightEye EyeQ test tracks vision skills and sets you up for full functionality. [Link to website].
Post 6: Standard eye exams only check your eyes’ physical health, not critical dynamic vision skills like eye teaming and movement. The proven EyeQ test does: [Link to website].