Community Outreach

Through a variety of community programs and partnerships, you can become a highly visible and desirable caregiver in your community. See our recommendations for partnerships and tactics below to help you attract new business and elevate your brand.   


Potential Partners:

  • Schools and School Districts - present educational programs on how dynamic vision issues often go undetected and may appear as behavior or learning issues; offer free assessments
  • Neurologists and Concussion Clinics - be a part of a care and recovery team and take the lead as the dynamic vision expert; demonstrate how RightEye reports objectively measure progress and assist in recovery
  • Sports Organizations and Personal Trainers - work together with organizations to assist in detecting and treating TBI's, as well as improve athletic performance through elevated vision skills
  • Retirement Communities and Gerontologists - work with partners to improve the safety of elderly individuals by helping to detect and treat dynamic vision issues that may be catastrophic to older residents
  • Pediatricians and other Physicians - Create referral programs with doctors who may not have the expertise it takes to detect and treat dynamic vision impairments

Marketing Ideas:

  • Reach out to friends and professional associates you know
  • Send a letter and attach a brochure or flyer
  • Participate in and demo your RightEye services at community events
  • Visit doctors and different organizations and demonstrate the RightEye technology
  • Reach out to local political leaders
  • Host a community event and invite people for a free RightEye test