Insurance Reimbursement and CPT Codes

Billing guidance is based on publicly available information from the American Optometric Association, U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the American Medical Association and other publicly available sources. Please review laws, regulations, code sets, and official instructions provided by Medicare and other payers as this information is not an official source or a complete guide on reimbursement. 

RightEye Sensorimotor

RightEye Sensorimotor fulfills the requirements for CPT code 92060, Sensorimotor examination with multiple measurements of ocular deviation with interpretation and report. Click the buttons below for more detailed information.

About the Sensorimotor Exam        Sensorimotor CPT Billing Information

Other CPT Codes

The CPT codes listed below have been billed successfully by one or more RightEye providers to receive reimbursement.

CPT Code Name Potential Medicare Reimbursement*
92060 Quantitative Sensorimotor Exam $64.60
92065 Orthoptics (used with at-home Trainer) $53.77
97112 Neuromuscular reeducation of movement activities $36.09
97750 Physical Performance Test or Measurement with written report $35.73
97530 Therapeutic activities; direct, use of dynamic activities to improve functional performance, each for 15 minutes  
97165-97167 Occupational Therapy Evaluations  

*Based on Q4 2020 CMS National Average Maximum Allowable Values

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