Pricing Your RightEye Services

These pricing strategies were developed with feedback from our RightEye providers. See how your peers have priced their RightEye services:

Vision Care

Specialties: Primary Optometry, Ophthalmology, General Vision Care

What your peers are doing: Screening every patient and/or testing when medically necessary

What your peers are charging: 

  • RightEye Testing: $25 to $75 per assessment
  • RightEye EyeQ Trainer: $50 per month or included at no charge


"Don't be afraid to charge an appropriate fee for the technology and your time in providing this service."

"RightEye is impressive technology. Patients understand and appreciate the detailed analysis and are more receptive to recommendations regarding vision therapy because of it. Don't 'give' this away. Patients are very willing to pay for higher level care."

"Create value by identifying symptoms in a wellness visit and have patients return for further testing."


Specialties: Chiropractic, Vision Therapy, Behavioral Optometry, Neuro-Optometry, Concussion Clinic, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation, Neurology, Psychology

What your peers are doing: Including assessments in their standard exam fee

What your peers are charging: 

  • RightEye Testing: An additional $0 to $100 charge built into their evaluation fee
  • RightEye Oculomotor Trainer: $50 per month, or free as an add-on to their own therapy fees


"Charge on the high end of what your market dictates."

"Don't be afraid to charge separately for this info."

"Giving away exams as part of my marketing cost is worth every penny."

"Think outside the box of your typical exams. Add more value than patients are expecting."

"The more people tested, the better your RightEye business will be. Do not set prohibitive testing pricing."


Specialties may include: Sports Vision, Visual Performance, Reading and Learning

What your peers are doing: Performance screenings

What your peers are charging: 

  • RightEye Testing: $50 to $100 per test
  • RightEye Oculomotor Trainer: $50 per month


"The results are impressive and worth the price you would likely set."

"Don't be afraid to charge cash based fees."

"Possibly look to lower the price to encourage longer engagement - i.e. $75 for first month, $50 for additional months."