Dynamic Vision Accuracy Scores Explained

The RightEye Dynamic Vision Report is designed to provide an assessment of a patient's vision as reflected by oculomotor behavior. 

The Dynamic Vision Score is calculated as an equal input (33%) of all eye movements recorded.

Scores are based on how accurately your eyes are compared to the target on the screen.

Fixation Score: refers to when your eye was stopped and looking at a target.

  • A score of 100% means you kept your eye on the target (within a margin of 2 degrees) for the entire time the target was on the screen
  • A score of less than 100% means your eye spent time away from the target. More time away from the target means your score will go down.  

Pursuit Score: refers to tasks where you follow the dot with your eye. 

  • A score of 100% means your eyes were following the target at the same speed and position as the dot for the entire test. 
  • A score of less than 100% means your eyes were not on the target for some portion of the test time. 

Saccade Score: refers to the ability to hit a target location after a fast eye movement. 

  • A score of 100% means your eyes were on target every time you stopped after a fast eye movement.
  • A score of less than 100 means your eyes missed the target during the test. 

*Sample scoring guidance for RightEye Providers.