RightEye v4.0.2 - January 22, 2021

This release includes several updates and bug fixes:


  • Renamed "View Standard Report" to "View Standard Report(s)" as FDA Standard and Standard reports may be included depending on test selection.
  • Fixed an issue where the company logo would overlap with participant and practice information.

Dynamic Vision

  • Resolved issue where reference data did not load for participants ages 65-70 in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Vision would not load for participants in age groups that do not have a reference range.
  • First name no longer appears twice on printed Dynamic Vision reports.
  • Resolved an issue where date of birth appeared 1 month different on printed Dynamic Vision reports.
  • Fixed a sizing issue when printing from a Zotac/Alienware system.
  • Resolved issue where Dynamic Vision may not generate for some previously administered Sports Vision EyeQ assessments.
  • Removed a watermark that may appear when printing Dynamic Vision with a tool tip displayed on the screen.