Release Notes – v5.9.3 – April 25, 2024

RightEye version 5.9.3 will be released on April 25, 2023, for all RightEye systems. This update includes changes to the Dynamic Vision Reports.

New Dynamic Vision Test Features:

  • The functional range and percentile boxes will be replaced with an overall score which will represent the average of pursuit/saccade/fixation scores.
  • “Comparison To Self” added to the top of the reports for easier monitoring of progress.
  • Direct links to reference reports and reference data will be removed; however, this information will still be available to you in the RightEye Success Center. 
  • Guidance language and pop-up information will be updated to reflect these new changes.


The Dynamic Vision module compiles eight eye-tracking tests into one assessment. The RightEye Dynamic Vision Report is designed to provide an assessment of your vision as reflected by oculomotor behavior. Dynamic Vision Score is calculated as an equal input (33%) of all eye movement scores. Fixations: refers to all metrics related to the stopping point (fixation) of the eye.  Pursuits: refers to all metrics related to the eye movement of the eye in relation to an object (smooth pursuit). Saccades: refers to all metrics related to the quick movement of the eye to relocate foveal vision (saccade). Saccadic latency (ms): refers to the time between when the stimuili appears and the eye first leaves the center of the Solar System. Lower is better. Visual speed (ms): the average difference between when the eye hits the target (e.g: alien) and the button is pressed. Lower is better. Reaction Time (ms) the average time difference between when the arrow begins shooting from the solar system and when the button is pressed. Lower is better. Sensorimotor: Each point in this section denotes the average fixation point of each eye in relation to the corresponding calibration point, measured during the 9-point calibration performed at the beginning of the test protocol