Release Notes - v5.6 - March 2022

RightEye version 5.6 will be released in March 2022 for all RightEye systems. This update includes changes to the Sensorimotor Module and Standard Report.

Redesigned Nine Point Motor Function Report

The Nine Point Motor Function test result has been redesigned to provide additional information, including which targets were hit or missed by one or both eyes.


You can now also toggle the numbering for each target, and the eye gaze dots associated for each target using the gear icon in the upper right of the box.


Redesigned Sensorimotor Screener Results

The Sensorimotor Screener Results box and associated in-app screen have been redesigned to provide additional information at a glance, including the results of each test in the screener and the expected results.


New Tests Added to Sensorimotor Exam

Horizontal Smooth Pursuit and Fixation Stability (one stimulus) have been added as required tests to the Sensorimotor Exam to aid in the diagnosis process, as 80% of esophoric and exophoric results are detectable on the horizontal plane. This change will add only 15 seconds to the overall Sensorimotor Exam time.

Change Perspective on Sensorimotor and Standard Reports

You can now change the visualization perspective for certain tests in the Sensorimotor Module and Standard Reports. Flip between provider perspective (patient facing you) and patient perspective by clicking the appropriate image in lower right corner. Perspective change is currently available for:

  • Nine Point Motor Function
  • Circular Smooth Pursuit
  • Horizontal Smooth Pursuit
  • Vertical Smooth Pursuit
  • Horizontal Saccade
  • Vertical Saccade
  • Fixation Stability
  • Cardinal Gaze Position
fixation_perspective_1.png fixation_perspective_2.png
Default provider perspective Click to change to patient perspective