Release Notes - v5.7 - April 26, 2022

RightEye version 5.7 will be released on April 26, 2022 for all RightEye systems. This update includes changes to the Fixation Stability results for Sensorimotor and Standard Reports.

New Fixation Stability Display Features

Three new display options have been added to the Fixation Stability result shown on Sensorimotor and Standard reports. These options include GuidelinesEye Dominance, and Average Head Tilt and can be enabled via the green gear icon in the upper right corner of the test result box.


Directionality Guidelines

These guidelines indicate if the primary gaze is Eso, Exo, Hyper or Hypo from center of the target for each eye.


Eye Dominance Indicator

Toggle this option to see which eye is likely dominant based on the gaze spread for each eye. Smaller spread indicates the likely dominant eye.


Average Head Tilt Measurement

Toggle the Average Head Tilt option to enable an overlay of the average head tilt during the test. You can also see a playback of the head tilt throughout the test in the upper left corner of the test result box.