Release Notes - v5.9 - August 7 , 2023

Sensorimotor Screener Module Updates 

Minor system update to two tests in the Sensorimotor Screener Module.

Four Dot Fusion Test

  1. The text “Or” has been added between images in the 'Alternate Suppression' image
  2. The text “Or” has been added between images in the 'Abnormal Retinal Correspondence' image
  3. The labels 'Crossed Diplopia' and 'Uncrossed Diplopia' have been switched in the results image
  4. The “pink” dot indicators in the 'Vertical Diplopia' image have been removed

Near Point of Convergence Test

When entering no value for the break or recovery point values,

  1. The break and recovery point value will be labeled as "N/A"
  2. The test will show as "TEST INCOMPLETE."
  3. The circle indicator graphic will NOT appear on scale visualization line
  4. The pass/fail logic for the Sensorimotor Screener will NOT include the Near Point of Convergence test as a pass/fail indicator