RightEye v4.1.5 - March 24, 2021

RightEye v4.1.5 was released on March 24, 2021 and includes several updates and bug fixes.

In this update:

Changes to Dynamic Vision Reference Reports

The overall and individual eye movement gauges shown on Dynamic Vision reference reports have been updated for clarity. These gauges now show possible score ranges for "Within Reference Range" and "Above Reference Range" reports based on the age-based reference data.

The Overall score range represents the dotted line box shown on the scale. The ranges shown for the individual scores indicate goals for each eye movement.

**This only affects the Reference Report examples visible when viewing the Dynamic Vision report in List view. This does not change any of your patient reports.**

Important Note: There are over 150 uniquely weighted metrics, from all three eye movement areas, used to calculate the overall score. There is no guarantee that scoring well in one movement area (i.e. Fixations) will result in an overall score within or above the reference range.


Previous "Within Reference Range" Scores



New "Within Reference Range" Scores

EyeQ Trainer Improvements

EyeQ Trainer is now fully integrated in the new Dashboard for a seamless user experience.



Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements

User Emails

  • Users should no longer receive duplicate emails
  • Resolved an issue where returning users may receive a "Welcome" email

EyeQ Trainer

  • Fixed an issue where some users would receive multiples of the same type of exercise (i.e. Fixation, Fixation, Saccades instead of Fixation, Pursuits, Saccades)
  • Editing an active program will update the status and end date as expected
  • Resolved an issue with assigning General Exercises


  • Improvements to printed Standard reports, including header with report information.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the Saccadometry report from being printed in some cases.
  • All Sensorimotor metrics are now printed when printing a Standard report.

Additional Fixes

  • More specific error messages across the Dashboard