Release Notes - September 5, 2018

An update has been released for your RightEye system and will be automatically installed the next time you click "Take a Test" on your RightEye system.

As this update includes many new features and improvements, please be sure to read the entire release notes.
In this update:

  • EyeQ Trainer Beta 2
  • New Reading EyeQ Stories
  • Built-in Sensorimotor Report (92060)
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

EyeQ Trainer Beta 2
Updated EyeQ Trainer Frequency
Patients will complete EyeQ Trainer exercises five times in a row, twice daily. All patients will start on Level 1 exercises on the first day and progress to Level 3 exercises on the third and subsequent days. Patients who are currently using EyeQ Trainer will be updated to the new frequency and level based on their current progress.
EyeQ Trainer now separates left eye and right eye training
EyeQ Trainer exercises for bilateral issues are now split into training sections for each eye.

Email Reminders for Patients
Patients will receive reminder emails if they have not started or missed a session of assigned EyeQ Trainer exercises via email.

EyeQ Trainer Orientation
Via the Client Admin login, you can now go through an orientation session of EyeQ Trainer with patients to ensure they understand how to complete exercises. Orientation can be completed up to three times and include wellness questions to ensure the patient is comfortable enough to complete the exercises at home.

Enable/Disable EyeQ Trainer for all patients
EyeQ Trainer is enabled by default for all patients. You can disable individual patients on the Assessments tab.

You will be prompted after viewing a Brain Health EyeQ report with assigned EyeQ Trainer exercises to enable or disable patient access to EyeQ Trainer when logged in as a Client Admin.


Sensorimotor Report (Medical Code 92060)

RightEye has introduced a Quantitative Sensorimotor Report that derives from the 9-point calibration that every patient completes. Depending on guidelines in your state and specific insurance, this report will assist you in delivering documentation for CPT code 92060 when appropriate (ie. an issue is identified).

  • Distance Between Eyes (mm) 
    • Also known as pupillary distance.
    • This is represented in millimeters.
    • This is not displayed on Zotac/Alienware systems.
  • Disparity Between Eyes (D) for all 9 calibration points
    • This is the average distance between the left eye (blue dot) and right eye (red dot) points of gaze on the screen.
    • This is represented in diopters.
    • On Zotac/Alienware systems, only a single point is used to compute the distance.
  • Disassociated Phoria (D) for all 9 calibration points
    • This is reported as two numbers:
      1. Horizontal distance between the left eye and the target calibration point.
      2. Horizontal distance between the right eye and calibration point.
    • This is represented in diopters and an eso/exo label.
      • The phoria label will be eso if the left eye is on the right side, in other words the eyes have crossed before the screen.
      • The phoria will be exo if the left eye remains on the left side and the right eye is on the right side. This means the point of convergences is after the screen.
    • On Zotac/Alienware systems, only a single point is used to compute the distance.

Sensorimotor Report on All-in-one Systems:

Sensorimotor Report on Zotac/Alienware Systems:


New Reading EyeQ Stories

60 new stories have been added to Reading EyeQ. There are now 10 stories per grade level for Levels 1-6 and five stories per grade level for Levels 7-10.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixation Stability Visualization
An issue affecting the visualization of fixation stability showing gaze points recorded between stimuli was identified and fixed. The data and test results were not affected, as these points are discarded within the algorithm, only the visualization.



Fixation Stability Chart
Depth metric now displays as "Not Tested" for monocular results.

Sports Vision Trainer
Vision Training Exercises in the RightEye Portal are now renamed “Sports Vision Trainer”

Additional Fixes

  • Maze Master - Level 3 trial scores are updated correctly if there are more than 2 trials
  • Additional back-end improvements to the RightEye platform