Release Notes - November 15, 2018

We will be releasing an update to your RightEye system today, Thursday, November 15th.
The update will be applied automatically when you select “Take a Test” from the green welcome screen. No further action is required on your part.

As this update includes many new features and improvements, please be sure to read this entire email.

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In this update:

  • EyeQ Trainer Report
  • Other Bug Fixes/Improvements

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 301-979-7970 ext. 2.

EyeQ Trainer Report
You can now track your patients' EyeQ Trainer progress from the RightEye portal! When logged in as a Client Admin, you can select "EyeQ Trainer Report" on the Assessments page.

EyeQ Trainer Report shows:

  • Patient Progress
  • How many times EyeQ Trainer has been restarted
  • Link to Brain Health EyeQ report
  • Expected Completion Date




Other Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • EyeQ Trainer - fixed an issue where "Return to Portal" button did not always return to portal.