Release Notes - February 12, 2019

We will be releasing an update to your RightEye system today, Tuesday, February 12th.
The update will be applied automatically when you select “Take a Test” from the green welcome screen. No further action is required on your part.
In this update:

  • NEW - Functional Vision EyeQ Report
  • Redesigned Brain Health EyeQ Report

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 301-979-7970 ext. 2.


Functional Vision EyeQ and Brain Health EyeQ will both be provided when you run either test from the application. You do not need to run both tests to generate the report.

Both reports now show Distance from Screen at the bottom of the report. It is very important that the patient is between 55-60cm from the screen while testing. If their average distance is outside of this range, the results may be affected.

New colors! We've changed the colors for each eye's gaze pathway. Right eye is now dark blue, and left eye is light blue. These colors have been updated in all reports and report types.

More information on both of these reports will be available on the RightEye Success Center in the coming weeks. We are in the process of updating all of our education resources (and adding more tools!), so please excuse the mess!

Functional Vision EyeQ Report

Functional Vision EyeQ is a streamlined report format specifically designed for our optometry-focused customer.

Functional Vision EyeQ highlights:

  • Specific Vision Indicators (Dry Eye, Visual Fatigue)
  • Quantitative Sensorimotor Report
  • Reaction Time metrics added

Redesigned Brain Health EyeQ Report

Brain Health EyeQ has been redesigned and now includes:

  • Ocular Nerve highlight - similar to the Eye Muscle diagram, Brain Health EyeQ now shows the ocular nerves that may be dysfunctional based on the patient's results.
  • Reaction Time metrics now included.