Release Notes - March 10, 2019

We will be releasing an update to your RightEye system on Sunday, March 10.

We will be releasing this update between 9:00pm ET and 1:00am ET. If you are testing during this window and experience any error, please exit to the green welcome screen and click “Take a Test” to continue with the update.

After 1:00am ET Monday, the update will be applied automatically whenever you select “Take a Test” from the green welcome screen and you should not experience any service interruptions.
In this update:

  • Updated Testing Interface and New Testing Options
  • Saccadometer Now Available!
  • Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements

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More information is also available on the RightEye Success Center.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 301-979-7970 ext. 2.


Updated Testing Interface
On the outside, we’ve completely redesigned the look and feel of the testing process. This new interface will make it easier for you to administer tests and provide a better experience for your patients. On the inside, this update includes numerous under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, making the app smoother than ever.

Entering Patient Information
The Patient Information screen is now a step-by-step process to make it easier for you to enter demographic information for your patients. We’ve also added new health and vision issues options to help keep track of your patient’s health history.

Test Selection Screen
We’ve completely overhauled the test selection screen. EyeQ Tests are now located in the top-left corner, Therapy Games are in the section below that, and your Custom Protocol section is in the bottom left.
>> New Feature! You can now pick and choose any individual test (or combination of) directly from the list on the right side of this screen. Each test will display as its own standard report in your RightEye Portal.

EyeQ Test Status/Assessment Notes Screen
For EyeQ Tests, the test status screen is now combined with your assessment notes.
>> New Feature! You now have the option to retake any individual test in an EyeQ protocol before the report is generated.

Saccadometer Now Available!
RightEye now includes a saccadometer test protocol. For those of you who have used a saccadometer previously, the test process and reports should seem familiar.
RightEye Saccadometer shows reliability of 0.85 (Cronbach Alpha), which is well above the acceptable range for consistent results.
We’ll be providing more information on the Saccadometer test on the RightEye Success Center in the coming weeks.

Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Contrast Sensitivity – patients should now only press the right arrow key for horizontal lines, and the up arrow key for vertical lines.
  • Reading – fixed various spacing, punctuation, and French/Spanish translation bugs.
  • Success Center - you will now need to log in with your Portal email address and password to access the Success Center.