Release Notes - March 28, 2019

We will be releasing an update to your RightEye system on  Thursday March 28th. We will be releasing this update between 11am and 1 PM ET. After 1 PM, the  update will be applied automatically and you should not experience any service interruptions. 

In this update:

  • New - Saccadic Intrusions are now identified in red for Horizontal Smooth Pursuit


  • New - Levels of severity indicated for Vertical Smooth Pursuit Patterns


  • New - Added range to average distance value in Brain Health EyeQ and Functional Vision EyeQ

  • New - Added average distance from screen to Reading EyeQ report

  • Updated - Added depth metric to Functional and Brain Health EyeQ fixation image

  • Updated - Saccadometry Test Report
  • Updated - new text in User ID Screen
  • Updated - new Sports and Reading header while printing
  • Updated - new norms for functional range on Scale of Functional Status in FVEQ and BHEQ


Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Fixed a typo in the Muscles (Translational View) section of FVEQ and BHEQ.
  • Resolved issue with extraneous lines on Reading EyeQ reports. This enhancement will be present on all reading reports after this release but not yet recomputed on prior reading reports


  • Resolved issue with adding patient emails in Patient Management.
    • Important Note: you can add emails in Patient Management. To edit existing emails, use the User Management tab.
  • Resolved issue where a patient could not access EyeQ trainer exercises due to maximum orientations sessions had been taken.
  • Resolved issue where sound from games could continue after exiting the game.