Release Notes - April 25, 2019

We will be releasing an update to your RightEye system on  April 25th.

The update will be applied automatically whenever you select “Take a Test” from the green welcome screen and you should not experience any service interruptions. 

Should you experience any error, please exit to the green welcome screen and click “Take a Test” to continue with the update. 

New Features

New - Added backup and catch-up saccades to Circular Smooth Pursuit tests.

  • Backup saccades are saccades that are ahead of the target within an error radius.
  • Catchup saccades are saccades that are behind the target within an error radius.

Both Backup and Catchup saccades are now viewable on the portal.


New - Created a single phoria output in Functional Vision EyeQ and Brain Health EyeQ tests. 

Phoria is a single measurement between the left and right eye gaze. This update removes the 2 phoria outputs and provides a single output in the center. In addition, horizontal and vertical displacement has been added to the left and right eye.

Current Updated
Screen_Shot_2019-04-23_at_10.01.09_AM.png Screen_Shot_2019-04-23_at_9.57.45_AM.png


Additional notes in footer:


New - Updated Z-distance verbiage.

  • Minimum, maximum, and average Z-distance are now displayed in all standard and EyeQ tests which will allow providers to assess the dependability of the data.  

Bug Fixes

  • Insufficient data for reaction time tests will now display as N/A. If you see N/A on a reaction time metric, it means the test-taker did not look at the target when pressing the button.
  • Resolved an issue where the Sensorimotor report was not appearing on the Functional Vision EyeQ report when a user had run both Brain Health EyeQ and Sports Vision EyeQ tests together.
  • Resolved Space Storm issue where the actual difficulty level differed from the selected difficulty level.
  • Resolved an issue where eyes appeared out of sync during horizontal saccades.