EyeQ Trainer FAQs


What is EyeQ Trainer?

EyeQ Trainer is a scientifically proven, computer-based oculomotor treatment option designed to help improve an individual's vision tracking abilities. Eye exercises can be tailored to an individual's area of oculomotor dysfunction or performance focus, and performed at home on any computer or large-sized tablet. As a RightEye provider, you decide who does EyeQ Trainer and for how long. 

How does it improve oculomotor skills?

EyeQ Trainer trains all 12 muscles of the eyes. It can assist in the rehabilitation of six movement systems of the eye and promotes positive plasticity in the neural substrates. The result is improved functional vision and smoother, more accurate eye movements — leading to better focus and concentration, improved balance and hand-eye coordination, and enhanced performance in everything from reading to driving to sports. 

What does it look like? 

Watch the video below for a first-hand look at how individuals train their eyes with EyeQ Trainer, or view all the EyeQ Trainer exercises via https://dashboard.righteye.io.

If I already assign vision therapy, how would EyeQ Trainer help?

EyeQ Trainer is not meant to replace vision therapy, but if you deem it appropriate, EyeQ Trainer can supplement in-clinic vision therapy by providing home-based exercises specific to a patient’s oculomotor imbalances. EyeQ Trainer was never designed to replace a clinician’s decision-making but instead, enhance the decision-making process.

Is it possible for metrics to get worse after using EyeQ Trainer?

The complexities, integrations and adaptations the brain undergoes when responding to targeted interventions varies. There may be several scenarios in which one metric may improve while another gets “worse”. It is not uncommon that while you may be improving one problem, other findings may initially worsen temporarily.

How It Works

I'd like an individual to start the program. How do I do that?

EyeQ Trainer is by default disabled for all individuals, so the first step is providing access to individuals. You can enable it globally so all individuals taking RightEye assessments automatically get access, or you can enable it on an individual basis. You can make your selection for global or individual access under 'Settings.'

If you've elected to enable individuals one at a time, click on EyeQ Trainer, select the individual you wish to begin a program, and toggle on the 'Enabled' button. For step-by-step instructions on enabling EyeQ Trainer, click here. Individuals granted access to EyeQ Trainer will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to begin their program.

How long is the EyeQ Trainer program?

One cycle is 30 days and starts once an individual selects their workout plan. You can have them retest at any time during that cycle to see how they're doing or continue their cycle length as you see fit.

What is the difference between the three workout plans?

The workout plans contain the same set of exercises, but individuals can choose to perform the exercises in different combinations or you can select the order of exercises performed:

  1. Mix It Up – (our recommended and default plan) guides individuals through exercises from each area daily (i.e. Fixations, Pursuits, and Saccades).
  2. Switch Hit – this plan focuses on one area one day (i.e. Fixations), and another area (i.e. Saccades) the next day.
  3. Go Steady – this plan has users finishing one area first (i.e. Fixations) before beginning exercises in another area
Where do I monitor individual program progress and make changes if necessary?

To monitor or make adjustments to any program, click the EyeQ Trainer link. There you will see a list of EyeQ Trainer program participants. Click the individual to see how they're progressing or make changes. 


End-User Experience

What communications will users see with EyeQ Trainer?

Users will receive communications for creating a password, viewing their assessment, and starting their EyeQ Trainer exercises (should they be made available to them by you). They may also receive reminders to continue their vision workouts and return to your office for retesting.

Do you have information I can share with individuals about EyeQ Trainer?

Yes, please feel free to share this handout as needed, which explains EyeQ Trainer. Click here to download.

Is there a recommended browser or computer/tablet to use EyeQ Trainer?

We recommend using Google Chrome for accessing EyeQ Trainer and reports. Other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer) may not display content properly.

EyeQ Trainer exercises can be completed on any computer or tablet with at least a 9.7" screen.

How do individuals access their exercises?

Users can access their exercises in several ways. They can:

  1. Go directly to the dashboard – https://dashboard.righteye.io, log in and click on the EyeQ Trainer link
  2. Click on the link in any EyeQ Trainer email they’ve received from RightEye
  3. Click on the EyeQ Trainer button at the top of their screen while viewing a report
What should individuals do if they have questions about EyeQ Trainer?

Individuals with medical or exercise questions should contact you. Anyone with technical questions can call us at 301-979-7970 Ext. 2, or email us at support@righteye.com.

Billing and Pricing

How much, and when, should I charge my patients for EyeQ Trainer?

You can see pricing suggestions for EyeQ Trainer in our Pricing Your RightEye Services article.

What billing codes should we use for insurance?

While every state and local insurance plan is different, some providers have used the codes outlined in our CPT Codes for Potential Insurance Reimbursement article.