HTS2 Web-based Vision Therapy

As an Eye Care Professional, you have the option to provide scientifically proven, at-home training with the HTS2 Web-Based Vision Therapy program.

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HTS2 has the following benefits:

    • Proven Effective: More than 2,000 doctors and tens of thousands of patients have successfully completed HTS2 therapy.
    • Easy Monitoring: Review results, modify patient program, and send notes to patients — all remotely.
    • Many Devices: Runs on most iPads, Androids, Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac OSx devices.
    • Variety of Procedures: Pursuits, Saccades, Base-In/Base-Out Vergence, Jump Ductions, Jump Ductions Random, Base-Up/Base-Down Vergence, and Accommodative Rock.
    • Your Cost per Patient Kit: $64.95
    • Suggested Patient Retail Price: $250 per Kit


1) RightEye is not authorized to sell HTS2 kits to current HTS customers. If you're a current HTS customer, please contact HTS directly.
2) HTS allows RightEye to purchase licenses for eye care professionals and medical doctors only.