EyeQ Trainer Efficacy: Initial Findings

Latest Study Reveals EyeQ Trainer Improves Functional Vision Score up to 10 points; 93% of Individuals Report 'Feeling Better'

RightEye is proud to announce two highlights from our most recent research, which studied the impact of EyeQ Trainer on functional vision and overall feelings of well-being.  

RightEye analyzed 96 individuals who were assigned EyeQ Trainer exercises based on their Functional Vision EyeQ results. Half of the subjects, our Intervention Group, completed their 5-day EyeQ Trainer treatment cycle as prescribed, and the other half, our Control Group, did nothing. Neither group did any training outside of EyeQ Trainer. After one week, individuals were tested again with RightEye's Functional Vision EyeQ assessment.


Individuals in the Intervention Group showed a 10-point increase in Functional Vision EyeQ Score versus the Control Group


Most individuals, 93%, in the Intervention Group reported feeling better after only one week of exercises


  1. Shortly we will be submitting our findings to several academic journals for peer review and will post them on our 'Published Articles' page at www.righteye.com.
  2. These highlights are from one portion of the study and will vary depending on exercise, issue and starting impairment level (i.e. level of functionality).