Training Sessions and Online Webinars

Have staff you'd like trained? Click the link below to email their contact information to us and we'll send them training resources! 

Email New User Information

You can also email us directly at with the subject line "Additional RightEye Users."


For your convenience, we have created a library of on-demand, online training webinars covering everything from setting up your system to running the various assessments to viewing and understanding reports. These helpful training videos are available 24/7/365.

To access our on-demand, online training sessions, please click the links below:

Lesson 1: System Set-up 1:47
Lesson 2: How Eye Tracking Works 2:29
Lesson 3: System Location and Tester Set-Up 2:51
Lesson 4: Creating the User ID 2:25

Lesson 5: The Testing Process: Getting Started 6:31
Lesson 6: The Dynamic Vision Test 15:18

Lesson 7: Viewing Reports 5:24
Lesson 8: Getting Started with Sensorimotor Screener 5:22
Lesson 9: The Sensorimotor Exam 10:22


Webinar Recordings and Training Documents

Basic Training Webinar
Sensorimotor Training Webinar
Sensorimotor Training Documentation 
Download this Sensorimotor training document for information on:
  • Eye Tracking Basics
  • System Implementation
  • RightEye Screener
  • RightEye Exam
  • Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey
  • Interpretations & Recommendations
  • Billing Information
Sensorimotor Training Documentation
Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay Explains Our Reference Data