General Operating Tips

General Maintenance

Your RightEye VisionTracker is a computer with a Windows operating system. To keep it running smoothly, follow these tips:

  • Turn the system OFF overnight when not in use, or at least once a week to ensure Windows and/or RightEye Updates are installed. Use the ? menu to power off your system.
  • Turn the system ON at least an hour before testing to finish installing any updates and ensure there are no issues
  • Do not interrupt the system while it is installing Windows Updates ("Getting Windows Ready...") unless absolutely necessary
  • Have at least 3mbps upload speed for reliable testing. Click here to check your internet speed
  • If your WiFi isn't stable, use the ethernet cable provided with your system for a wired connection
  • If your system isn't responsive, try pressing ESC to return to the home screen or Alt+F4 to restart the application.
  • Keep the screen and eye-tracker clean with a microfiber cloth


  • Calibrate and test at 55cm-60cm (or otherwise noted)
  • Ensure head tilt line in eye box remains green
  • Focus on the red center of the dot
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the eye-tracker, and clean it often with a microfiber cloth
  • Make sure your system is away from direct sunlight (ideally in a room with no windows) and there's no glare


  • Check distance and head tilt between each individual test
  • Remind user not to talk or move head during testing unless directed
  • Place fingers on appropriate keys before starting tests
  • Follow on-screen instructions
  • Use a mobile hotspot (ex. phone or MiFi) when experiencing a weak signal or traveling


Viewing and Printing Reports

  • Click ‘View Reports’ on your device or launch Google Chrome on a desktop computer and go to (bookmark this!)
  • Under Destination, select Save as PDF to save it or choose a printer
  • Set layout to ‘Portrait’, margins to ‘Default’ and ‘Scale’ to 100
  • Uncheck ‘Headers and footers’ and ‘Background graphics’
  • Click on Save or Print
  • To share a report attach the PDF to an email and send