Release Notes - January 2, 2020

Fixation Stability Report Changes

To improve and clarify fixation stability metrics displayed on several of our reports, we will be launching measurement, labeling and other content changes on the Brain Health EyeQ, Functional Vision EyeQ, and Standard reports. The following report changes will be made:

Functional Vision EyeQ:

  • Changed the section title from Eye Stability to Fixation Stability
  • Removed the terms/measurements Phoria and Tropia from Eye Stability image area
  • Added the measurement Fixation: <location value>/<stability value> (ex: Central/Stable) under each eye field image. This section is also colored coded in green, yellow, and red to indicate severity of any stability concerns.
  • Clarified Fixation Location measurement rows under Eye Stability
  • Included row for Fixation Dispersion value
  • Phoria and Tropia measurements under the Visual Indicators section in the header have been removed
Old Functional Vision EyeQ New Functional Vision EyeQ



Brain Health EyeQ

  • Includes the same updates as Functional Vision EyeQ, except for changes to the Visual Indicators section as this is not present in Brain Heath EyeQ.


  • Added new metric definitions for Fixation DispersionFixation Location, and Fixation Stability to Guidelines page of both Brain Health EyeQ and Functional Vision EyeQ
  • Removed metric definitions for Disassociated Phoria and Disassociated Tropia, as these metrics are no longer shown on the report.


Standard Report

  • Added right eye and left eye labels for Fixation Location
  • Added right eye and left eye labels for Fixation Stability
  • Updated report to include a row for Fixation Dispersion