Release Notes - v3.0 - April 14, 2020

Improved Navigation: Changes to the Portal Menu

We've added the Success Center link directly to the top menu bar in the portal so it's more readily accessible. We've also renamed "Go to Dashboard" to "EyeQ Trainer," which will now take you directly to the EyeQ Trainer Summary Report.



Reading EyeQ

Updated Reading Profile on Reading EyeQ

The Reading Profile chart on Reading EyeQ reports has been updated for clarity. Grade level norms are indicated by the red lines, and the report results are shown in the blue columns for Fixations/100 words (#), Fixation Duration (ms), and Regressions/100 words (#).


Testing Date Now Visible on Reading EyeQ

Testing date is now shown on both the Reading EyeQ report as well as the Standard report for any Reading EyeQ assessment.


New User Friendly Close Button

We've resolved an issue with the close button that would occasionally disappear when attempting to access the portal on the RightEye system. Now, when viewing reports, click the X in the upper right corner to return to the green welcome screen.


New Confirmation Message on Provider Settings

A confirmation message now appears when you've successfully updated information on the Provider Settings page.


Improved Clarity on EyeQ Trainer Assignments within Reports

The "EyeQ Trainer Assigned" box on Brain Health EyeQ and Functional Vision EyeQ reports has been updated to better reflect when EyeQ Trainer exercises are assigned based on the report results.


Additional Updates/Bug Fixes