Release Notes - v3.4 - August 19, 2020

This release includes several enhancements to the login process, Date of Birth updates, and changes to the Standard report.

Standard Report Changes

To better align with our FDA 510(k) Clearance, today's Standard report will be divided into two new reports. The first report, called "FDA Standard," will contain all FDA-cleared test results. The second, "Standard" report, will display all ofther assessment data. Both reports will be available in the portal as shown below



All the information you're used to seeing is still available. Click the dropdown below to see the contents of each report, and where you'll find the normative data for each assessment (some data has moved).

"FDA Standard" and "Standard" Report Contents
Test   FDA Standard Standard Norm Availability
Circular Smooth Pursuit  



Via Link

Horizontal Smooth Pursuit  



Via Link

Vertical Smooth Pursuit  



Via Link 

Horizontal Saccades  



Via Link 

Vertical Saccades




Via Link 

Horizontal Random Saccades




Success Center 

Fixation Stability




On Report

Cardinal Gaze Position




On Report 

Choice Reaction Time




On Report  

Discriminate Reaction Time




On Report 

Contrast Sensitivity




On Report 

Static Visual Acuity




On Report 

Dynamic Visual Acuity 1  



On Report 

Dynamic Visual Acuity 2




On Report  

Dynamic Visual Acuity 3  



On Report  




On Report  

Note: When normative data is available via link, the link to the peer-reviewed research will be included beneath each test on the report as shown here. The norms begin on page 8 of the research article.


Improvements to Login Process

We've made a few changes to help streamline the login process:

  1. A Show/Hide option has been added to the login screen on the application to display the password entered.
  2. You can now enter an incorrect password up to 7 times before your account is locked.
  3. The password to your RightEye account will no longer expire. Previously, passwords were valid for 180 days.


Easily Edit Date of Birth

You can now edit DOB for your users without contacting RightEye. To edit a DOB, go to Patient Management and click Edit on the row of the User ID.

DOB format is also now shown as MM/YYYY across all RightEye reports to comply with latest PHI security standards.



Refreshed Dashboard Look and Feel

The design of the dashboard login screen and interface has been polished and updated for consistency.