Therapy Games

Depending on your evaluations and results from RightEye assessments, RightEye Therapy Games can be a valuable addition to your treatment plans. We currently offer four games:

The information below explains correlations between eye movements and our various training options which may help you as you formulate your plans for treatment.

When the following needs improvement... You could consider... In order to improve an individual's...


RightEye Trainer

Ability to fixate on static targets


Bubble Blast Game; RightEye Trainer

Ability to track moving targets


Bubble Blast Game; Space Storm Game; RightEye Trainer

Ability to shift gaze quickly and accurately

Reaction Time

Space Storm Game

Ability to react quickly and accurately

Reading Speed

Space Storm Game

Rate of learning

Reading Comprehension

Maze Master Game; RightEye Trainer

Rate of comprehension

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