Testing a New User

Testing a new user on RightEye is quicker than ever with this short, one-screen registration process.

  1. Click on Take a Test. On the “Who’s taking this test?” screen, enter the User ID. RightEye will recognize if this is a new user, and you’ll be prompted to create the new User ID.

  2. To create a new User ID, you are only required to enter their First Name, Last Name, and Month/Year of their birthdate. You can optionally add their email address here as well if you already plan on having them access EyeQ Trainer.

  3. Click the checkbox on the next screen and then “Continue” to advance to the test selection screen, where you can select your protocol and begin testing.

  4. Once you’ve finished testing, confirm that you’ve completed all tests, enter any notes and click “Finish Assessment”

  5. On the final screen, you’ll have the option to enter their email address, if you did not add it on the first screen. If you don’t enter the user’s email address during the testing process, don’t worry - you can add it later through the online portal.

  6. You’ll see additional questions about this user on this screen as well. These questions are optional, and used for your records as well as to aid in future RightEye research. Click "Continue" to finish the test and return to the welcome screen.