RightEye Sensorimotor™ Overview

Eye Care’s First Automated Sensorimotor Exam For Every Patient

RightEye Sensorimotor is an automated and quantitative Sensorimotor screening and examination software allowing eye care professionals to quickly and objectively identify and address previously unknown binocular vision issues and oculomotor dysfunction in every patient.

How You'll Benefit 

  • Expanded care for patients 
  • Increased annual practice revenue
  • Insurance reimbursable (CPT Code)
  • An additional treatment option
  • Included in your existing software subscription!* 


*The hardware requirement for RightEye Sensorimotor is the RightEye VisionTracker2 all-in-one model. RightEye Sensorimotor has only been validated on the RightEye VisionTracker2 and will not be available on earlier RightEye hardware models, e.g. RightEye VisionTracker with standalone eye-tracker and Alienware or Zotac brand computer. If you'd like to upgrade to a VisionTracker2, please click here

How It Works

RightEye Sensorimotor is designed to work optimally on two RightEye VisionTracker2 devices (our all-in-one portable unit) as outlined below and in our Implementation Guide. If you don't currently have our VisionTracker2, or only have one VisionTracker2, you can order additional devices by clicking here

Step 1: Screen Every Patient - Sensorimotor Screening Module
  • Select ‘Screening Mode’ from the test selection screen
  • Administer both ‘9 Point Motor Function’ and ‘Near Point of Convergence’ tests
  • If desired, have patients complete the Convergence Insufficiency Symptoms Survey
  • If results show ‘Medical necessity determined’ save the patient’s Screening Report and proceed to Step 2 below

  • If results show ‘No medical necessity determined’ you can choose to register the patient anyway, override the results, or exit the pre-test area

NOTE: For best results, this step is performed in a pre-test area. View Administering RightEye Sensorimotor for step-by-step instructions and scripts for testing. For an overview of Screener results click here.

Step 2: Test When Necessary - Sensorimotor Examination Module
  • Used when medical necessity is established by doctor
  • Select ‘Examination Mode’
  • Administer the ‘9 Point Motor Function’, ‘Cardinal Gaze Position’ and ‘Four Dot Fusion’ tests (and any other optional tests including the symptom survey)
  • Click ‘Next’ to save the patient’s Examination Report

NOTE: This step is typically performed in an exam room. View Administering RightEye Sensorimotor for step-by-step instructions and scripts for testing. For an overview of Exam results click here.

Step 3: Interpret & Recommend
  • Select ‘View A Report’
  • In the Interpretations & Recommendations section:
    - Select your interpretations of results
    - Enter notes
    - Choose your recommendation
    - Select any follow-up
    - Click ‘Save’ to record your documentation
    - Print and provide documentation to patient (optional)

NOTE: See our Interpretations and Recommendations guide for help completing this report. For a complete overview of Sensorimotor reports, view RightEye Sensorimotor Reports. For a treatment option, we have optional, HTS2 Home Vision Therapy Patient Kits available for purchase (restrictions apply). Click here for more information.

Step 4: Schedule & Collect Payment
  • Provide HTS2 Home Vision Therapy Patient Kit and collect cash pay for kit (if applicable)
  • Submit Sensorimotor documentation to medical insurance (Screener, Examination, and Clinical Findings Reports) or collect cash pay (if applicable)
  • Schedule patient revisit for monitoring and/or treatment (if applicable)

NOTE: Visit our Insurance Reimbursement and CPT Codes page for in-depth information regarding billing for Sensorimotor.


Why It's Better

RightEye Sensorimotor Existing RightEye Sensorimotor Report Traditional Sensorimotor Exam










Performed on every patient

Performed only when doctor identifies issue

Performed only when doctor identifies issue

Can be run in under 5 minutes

Can take up to 10 minutes

Can take up to 20 minutes

Test can be run by a technician

Test can be run by a technician

Test must be run by doctor

Includes every test necessary to be classified as a Quantitative Sensorimotor Examination

Only includes calibration points displayed on Standard Reports

Determined by doctor

Optional HTS2 Web-based Vision Therapy Available (Restrictions Apply)

With RightEye Sensorimotor, you have the option to provide scientifically proven, at-home training with the HTS2 Web-Based Vision Therapy program.

  • Proven Effective: More than 2,000 doctors and tens of thousands of patients have successfully completed HTS2 therapy.
  • Easy Monitoring: Review results, modify patient program, and send notes to patients — all remotely.
  • Many Devices: Runs on most iPads, Androids, Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac OSx devices.
  • Variety of Procedures: Pursuits, Saccades, Base-In/Base-Out Vergence, Jump Ductions, Jump Ductions Random, Base-Up/Base-Down Vergence, and Accommodative Rock.
  • Your Cost per Patient Kit: $64.95
  • Suggested Patient Retail Price: $250 per Kit

Getting Started with HTS2

1) RightEye is not authorized to sell HTS2 kits to current HTS customers. If you're a current HTS customer, please contact HTS directly.
2) HTS allows RightEye to purchase licenses for eye care professionals and medical doctors only.

Estimate Your Revenue

Use the below calculator to estimate how much more revenue per year RightEye Sensorimotor could earn for your practice.