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How Does UFC Champion Henry Cejudo Gain a Competitive Edge?

UFC Champion Henry Cejudo describes how he benefited from his eye training with Dr. Mark Burdorf and RightEye and how it allowed him to create an advantage over his competition.

Benefits of Baseline Testing in Concussion Recovery

“I had a professional hockey player referred to my office. He had a recent concussion and was almost released back to play until the Neuropsychologist noticed that his eye movements were "funky," and sent him to me for evaluation...
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Dr. Neil Renaud, EagleEye Performance Vision

“Our eleven-year-old patient came to us after his mom attended our in-office workshop regarding the link between vision and learning. She was able to demo RightEye Functional EyeQ herself and was very interested to see her results. She shared with us that her son struggled with schoolwork...
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Dr. Gregory Schultz, Eye Center of Virginia

Schultz.png “I have a patient who had an unfortunate injury. While having a mammogram performed, she was experiencing severe pain and passed out. The patient fell hitting her head on a concrete floor and was knocked unconscious for a period of minutes. When she awoke, she had extreme dizziness, unsteady gait, headaches, confusion, and delayed reaction time...
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Jeremiah Jorgensen, Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers

Fyzical_Logo.png “We had the pleasure of helping dictate an optometry referral for a 7-year-old child that had been seen by the school district's OT, PT and Speech Therapist along with utilizing an IEP to help her accommodate at school. Her family was told she had a learning disability and were managing related behavior issues as well. She was having her glasses changed 2x per year due to her current optometrist recommendation...
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Dairy Farm Concussion Recovery After Years of Prisms

vision.jpg “A 34 year-old female patient presented with persistent post traumatic vision syndrome after being kicked in the head by a cow on her family’s dairy operation. The patient had sustained several previous concussions during her hockey career...
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Dr. Dana Brindisi, Carolina Functional Neurology Center

“She was a star athlete in cross country and just started a new school. Her parents noted that she was starting to fall behind in her classes, she was lacking attention and was struggling with higher cognitive tasks...
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Dr. Amanda Nanasy, Florida Institute of Sports Vision at the Eye Center

Nanasy.png “This patient (and his RightEye reports) have played a huge impact on my shift into working with more concussion patients and focusing on neuro rehab as opposed to sports vision alone. In February, I met this college-aged patient that had suffered a concussion from a motor vehicle accident almost a year prior...
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Sally Fryer Dietz, Integrative Concussion & Pediatric Therapy

ipt_logo.svg “We had a 13-year-old young lady who was diagnosed with dyslexia and had been receiving remedial work outside of our clinic. We did the RightEye on her (along with a sensory motor evaluation) and her problem appeared to be more related to a visual tracking issue and SI Dysfunction...
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Dr. Marc Case, Case Chiropractic Neurology Center

CCNC.png “We opened our chiropractic neurology clinic in January 2019, and one of our first patients will always stick with me because of her incredible transformation. Her long journey to health started as many others - frequent headaches, reading (once a favorite past time) becoming a dreaded activity, and struggling with schoolwork and social activities... ...
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