Dr. Meghan Corkery, Tri-County Vision

RightEye is incorporated into all of our sensory motor evaluations and progress evals to help to demonstrate to patients and parents the disorganization in the visual system. We used the home exercise program to help to maintain therapy while our office was closed due to COVID 19. We also used the reading assessment as a demonstration tool and used the games in session.

Patient PM is a 17 year-old boy who presented with a myriad of vision concerns including difficulties with fluency and comprehension while reading. His history is significant for amblyopia, exotropia, autism and generalized learning delays that had impacted his academic performance and ability to function independently.

In the fall of 2018, this young man was hit by a car as a pedestrian, leading to a severe TBI with three facial fractures that lead to significant headaches, double vision and visual fatigue. My diagnosis was intermittent exotropia, strabismus amblyopia, post concussion syndrome, accommodative insufficiency, saccadic dysfunction, oculomotor dysfunction, convergence insufficiency, and fusion with defective stereopsis.


To treat PM we used monocular motility exercises, binocular antisuppression work (bar readers, red/green overlays etc), biofeedback for teaming and vergence ranges (tranagylphs, Brock string) and hand eye coordination (right eye games, SVI, etc).

PM has graduated vision therapy to focus on other forms of therapy to continue to gain independence in activities of daily living (specifically driving therapy through the Easter seals). Since then vision therapy headaches and double vision have resolved. PM is able to control his exotropia and maintain alignment. His confidence has soared with his ocular alignment, his communication skills have improved and his depth perception is perfect. Additionally PM was recently accepted at his dream job of working in a zipline adventure park working with children.


We would welcome back PM at any point to continue to work on specific visual goals. Due to his previous diagnoses and severity of traumatic brain injury both PM, his parents and my clinical team were extremely impressed by the level of success PM was able to achieve.