RightEye providers improve peoples' lives every day. Hear from them here! 

“RightEye has given me the ability to measure functional eye movements without cumbersome, expensive equipment and easily prescribe exercises, show progress, and screen patients for conditions I wasn't able to do in the past. I can't recommend this system enough.” - Dr. Matthew Zaideman, North Florida Spine and Wellness
“Very useful diagnostic tool. It picks up on things that the human eye can miss.” - Shelby Darlington, Neuropsychology and Concussion Management Associates
“RightEye is valuable objective data that we can present to patients and providers. The information can help direct our plan of care to improve patient recovery following concussion.” - Paul Thormahlen, Peak Performance Physical Therapy
“RightEye is a game changer for our practice. We are now able to get a baseline with our patients. We can now track their improvements. We also love the EyeQ Trainer.” - Shirlene Fuerst, EYEcenter Optometric
“Love the objective data for before and after comparisons.” - Dr. Terri Vasche, Silver Falls Eyecare
“Eye opening technology and results for patients, parents and me!" - Dr. Richard O'Connor, Vision Development of WNY
“RightEye gives us lots of incredible information and a clear sheet to explain results to patients and parents.” - Irene Gartz, Vision Transformation
“This technology has allowed me to show parents/patients visual issues first–hand.” - Dr. Deborah Weston, Weston Town Center Optometry
“The graphed results are very useful to show a patient how they are using their eyes. The data is also very helpful when dealing with insurance claims.“ - Debra Holtzhauer, Listowel Vision Care
“To be able to show a parent the patient's objective progress is very important in our practice, and one of our favorite aspects of RightEye technology.” - Sarah Renaud, EagleEye Performance Vision
“RightEye is a great assessment tool. In addition, it instantly grabs the patient's attention and its report does the talking for us.” - Dr. Nour Nahhas, Optique et Vision