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Healthcast: Sports Vision Training with RightEye

RightEye provider, Dr. Amanda Nanasy with the Eye Center of Pembroke Pines, was interviewed by her local news channel and included in their Healthcast. With the help of RightEye’s groundbreaking eye-tracking technology, Dr. Nanasy is able to continue to enhance her patients’ performance and keep their sports vision skills sharp through the pandemic.

RightEye's 2020 Impact Award Winner and How He Changed A Life

Dr. Neil Renaud of EagleEye Performance Vision is celebrated for the impact he makes in his community. “The patients we see may have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or dyslexia or they may say these kids just aren’t college material,” Renaud said. “Before we didn’t know why, we’re now able to diagnose it and treat it without medication with amazing results.”

New Tech Tools Score High With Sports Vision Trainers, 20/20 Magazine

Originally published April 2020

"Vision training for athletes needs to start with an evaluation of their current needs. That includes assessment of their eye/hand coordination, reaction time and “anticipation”—their ability to essentially predict what will happen next on the field of play (think: where the ball will go so they can run it down and catch it) as well as decision-making and overall athletic performance..."
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Dr. Amy Thomas Talks Reading and Learning on The Morning Blend

Dr. Amy Thomas from Arizona Vision Center in Tucson spent time on the Morning Blend sharing her successful use of RightEye in detecting and treating reading and visual learning issues. Watch here!   

Dr. Randall Fuerst, Modern Optometry

Originally published February 5, 2020

"The RightEye Functional Vision test helps me to evaluate driving ability in older patients and provides a sophisticated analysis of saccadic and pursuit eye movements, fixation stability, response time, and more. It generates an easy-to-understand report with a color-coded visual function score that I can use to educate patients and family members..."
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RightEye, USA Baseball and Pro Sports

Watch why USA Baseball and pro sports teams use RightEye's vision testing technology to train and prepare athletes for professional sports.  

Using RightEye Technology to Build A Practice

Dr. Kristopher May implemented RightEye at his practice, Coldwater Vision Center in 2019. “The amount of data we get back is truly amazing, and patients like using it. It’s probably the most interesting thing for functional vision that I’ve ever seen.”

Leaps in Eye-Tracking Technology Help Veterans 

In this Podcast, RightEye Past-President Barbara Barclay sits down with Coming Home Well's Tyler Pieron to discuss RightEye technology and its expanding role in identifying and assisting veteran victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries. Click to listen!

MPT News Highlight: RightEye

MPT's Nancy Yamada visited RightEye HQ to get an overview of how RightEye is changing lives through eye tracking.