Jeremiah Jorgensen, Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers

We have changed clinic protocol to currently utilize Righteye with 85% of all our physical therapy new patient evaluations at or near their first appointment.

We had the pleasure of helping dictate an optometry referral for a 7-year-old child that had been seen by the school district's OT, PT and Speech Therapist along with utilizing an IEP to help her accommodate at school. Her family was told she had a learning disability and were managing related behavior issues as well. She was having her glasses changed 2x per year due to her current optometrist recommendation.

Originally, we were unable to calibrate on RightEye due to her current refraction error. We tested her with accommodative flipper as well as without glasses and were able to show her and her family what the issue was and how her current prescription did not allow her to read or have depth perception. Due to the confidence in RightEye we referred her to a Neuroptometrist and she was fitted with short term prism and significant reduction in refraction error.

Within 6 weeks per her mother her spelling and reading tests were at or near the top 3 students in her class. She rode a bike for the first time in her life 3 months later when the weather allowed. She is now active in PE class as her depth perception is now normal. Due to RightEye we not only changed a child's life but her father was in tears for helping him enjoy time with his daughter as she can now enjoy childhood tasks and games that most parents take for granted. The schoolteachers and healthcare providers also mentioned they had no idea how hard it must have been for her as they had never seen such a turn around in a student.