Dr. Dana Brindisi, Carolina Functional Neurology Center

Cameron was 11 years old when she came to us for an evaluation. She was a star athlete in cross country and just started a new school. Her parents noted that she was starting to fall behind in her classes, she was lacking attention and was struggling with higher cognitive tasks. Mom’s exact description of what Cameron was struggling with was "inability to follow multi-step instructions, easily distracted, cannot focus or pay attention, struggling academically and socially, cannot sit still, anxiety over tests, extreme procrastination, impulsive. Some symptoms go back to age 5, most have appeared in 2017-2018 age 10-11."

RightEye was a major factor in our diagnostic testing along with interactive metronome, CAPS and a full bedside examination as well as lab work.   Upon examination I determined we not only wanted to run the standard Brain Health Assessment but also the Reading EyeQ testing and that is where we really began to see the breakdowns in Cameron's eye movements and the true difficulty she was having in school with attention and with higher cortical functioning.  


After several weeks of functional neurological rehabilitation we were able to make significant changes in her RightEye testing and therefore her day to day. She was able to study more efficiently; her grades were improving and she made the VARSITY cross country team as a 7th grader! Mom noted that she was seeing improvements in all areas that she originally had concerns about, and they no longer needed to be tested for ADHD! Cameron was so happy to be excelling in her sports and her parents were grateful for all the academic and personal improvements they had seen in their daughter. Because we had such success, they continued treatment to further improve her reading speeds and we will have more results to come based on further treatment.


This was a case of all-around success for one patient that not only impacted her life but also her families as well! We could not be happier with the opportunity to help this young girl get back on track at such an important age both academically and socially.”