Dairy Farm Concussion Recovery After Years of Prisms and Pain

RightEye is instrumental in helping us to achieve our goal, which is to help our patients get the most out of life.

We were first introduced to RightEye in March of 2016. The late Dr. Betty Fretz added the eye tracking system to our practice, and we became involved with beta testing. Today, RightEye is instrumental in helping us to achieve our goal, which is to help our patients get the most out of life.

For example, a 34 y/o female patient presented with persistent post traumatic vision syndrome after being kicked in the head by a cow on her family’s dairy operation. The patient had sustained several previous concussions during her hockey career.

The patient’s main concerns at the initial appointment were headaches, trouble tracking with eyes, pain with eye movements, balance issues, low energy levels, and difficulty managing daily life with 3 young boys. The patient was no longer able to tolerate regular activities of daily living, including cooking for her family. She was taking 1000mg of Tylenol 3x/day along with naproxen to manage pain.



 Brain Health EyeQ testing with the RightEye eye tracking system confirmed that this patient had significant difficulty with pursuits, saccades, fixation and eye teaming, as well as eccentric fixation with the left eye. The RightEye images shown to the patient allowed her to see what her eyes were doing, and validated her experience and her symptoms.

After 40 vision therapy sessions, the patient was able to eliminate specs with prism despite having worn prisms since 2011. Pain meds were discontinued. All of the patient’s symptoms were either eliminated or greatly reduced. She was able to resume her daily activities such as cooking for her family and bringing her children to appointments and activities.



Today she comes into the office with a huge smile. Re-testing with RightEye shows stable and central fixation, as well as marked improvements in both pursuits and saccades. RightEye testing and reports were an invaluable part of the recovery process for this patient. A visual report of her eye movements at her initial appointment helped her decide to pursue vision therapy. Comparing the RightEye reports before and after vision therapy was especially compelling.

RightEye continues to be a vital part of our practice. As a trusted business partner, we are pleased to advertise RightEye technology on our social media and in our pamphlets. RightEye truly does bestow the gift of transformed lives. Simply put, we could not do what we do every day without RightEye!